So if the Presidency goes to Trump it will be Putin’s fault

The false narrative is developing. Now, the Clinton side is claiming Russia is interfering with election results by cyber-attack. Perhaps, Trump’s results are so great, the cabal feels their algorithms won’t be sufficient to fudge an outcome. Think about it, what can you multiply with zero!

So Putin is Plan B–never waste a good false flag. Start a war too.

I’ll bet there are a lot of voodoo rituals occurring in D.C. May God help us all.

Behold God’s headlines of election “lawlessness”

Hidden controllers are poking the bear on US election day

300,00o Russians are without power following an explosion at a power plant. The verdict is not out on this event yet; but, the timing is highly suspect. The controllers love revenue from wars and reconstruction and the corollary depopulation. The days are dark; but, the Light will grow brighter my friends. The Lord is driving the days, the hours, the minutes and the seconds.


Will the hidden hands “allow” Trump to win? (believing they’re in control)

The outed controllers must fear the blow-back. If they insist on manipulating the machines, counts and paper ballots–when the numbers are so disparate–the people will know and not accept. Nor will Trump. The blow-back would be unimaginable. In this interview, Jeff states Trump is not an outsider. He is an insider, having studied in Jesuit schools.

I hate to say this; but, the Lord gave me a dream last night about Trump that was so simple. Trump was standing about ignoring a little child in diapers, ignoring him and his safety. The little children are the faithful.

Trump is the better choice; but, not a panacea. Keep you eyes on the world leader, Yeshuah Ha Maschiah. Your protection and peace can only come from Him. He is returning very soon. Very, very soon. Give your life to Him and live a supernatural, miraculous life.

Donald Trump Prophecies confirmed again

It is mathematically improbable that the discoveries this Israelite Messianic woman made in the Bible, codes and Strong’s are a coincidence. Has the Lord opened the book of Daniel kept in secret until this time? We must remember God is in control. What God wills on November 8th shall be.

“We are dealing with Leviathan (the illuminati),” Michelle says, “no man can take that down, only God can.”

Mary Magdelene Sermonette 3: Little children key to healing America

It isn’t just what; it is how. Does the Lord listen to us when we pray with our mouth, perfectly and professionally? He loves the prayers of the heart. He collects the tears of his little children. Please listen and learn how to seek Him according to His own very simple instruction to save America.

Alex Jones repents for America. The Lord has heard.

Precious, complex son moves to do the only thing that will save Americans. Alex is battling for the nation, exhausted clearly; but, this time he is using God’s armor and Jesus powerful name. O! Bless Alex and comfort him Lord. Thank you Gonz for this important testimony.

Who then will step forward, repent and ask God for forgiveness until Tuesday morning before the polls open? Nineveh was spared when she did.

Mary Magdalene Sermonette 2 : God commands exposure

The word of the day is exposure. It is the word God uses in the Bible. He wills it, now, at the end of the age of grace. God wants the world to awaken. It is not ‘conspiracy theorists’ that are exposing wickedness; this is a lie from the devil. God wills it. He commands it. This is not occurring by our will, but His. It is frankly, supernatural and unprecedented.



From the darkest hearts, the darkest places, Jesus saves. I implore you all to witness light enter darkness as I have ever witnessed. This video is extraordinary.

Brothers and Sisters, pray for all Americans TODAY. Please do not delay. Repent for all its sins. Love the most lost. Do not look away. It seems no one is beyond His reach. Even Hillary Clinton could fall to her knees, repent and ask to be washed in the blood of Jesus. Yes, pray that she and her handlers fall to their knees.

If you do nothing and look away from the lost you take grace and mercy away from America by a measure only Jesus knows. 

What is your next move?

Jesus our King to destroy with EQ. Rapture to follow. He is on His way.

Out of the mouth of babes…

People! Please accept Jesus into your hearts, before it is too late. Aren’t you tired of Satan’s works? Get out of Babylon and out the great whore for your redemption will not come if you continue to take direction from her. Her tentacles are vast. Repent and the Holy Spirit will guide you.

Believers, be encouraged. So many children are receiving visions of Jesus and prophesying in 2016.

Overthrow of the regime is developing : MUST WATCH (updated)

There are those that suspect a psyop in progress; but, if factions within are battling for power, at least the Clintons’ claws and their minions will be removed from the White House either by the electorate or by impeachment. I am increasingly suspicious of Steve Pieczenik, alphabet agency counter-coup spokesperson. Assange does not seem to be in accord with what he saying. Notwithstanding, he speaks in kind terms of the most insidious personages including Bush and Kissinger. He goes as far as to mention the successful economics of Obama!

There are good men withing the ranks including white-hats. There is likely a counter-coup on counter-coup. Pieczenik is a master at psychological warfare–it is his background.

The  The American public simply will not accept anything but Trump at this point. The cabal executed their evil plots too late. Believers will accept any outcome knowing that the Lord has purposed it. If the cabal steals the election from Trump, we know the end is very near. On the other hand, if God puts Trumps into power, it is a temporary reprieve and a call to change our ways. The end will still not be averted.

There are those that fuel the belief that Trump is some sort of a Trojan horse. These people are defeatists, believing the facades of the ruling elite and their hubris. What God wills will occur on Tuesday. Hillary is judgment. Trump is a temporary triumph.

This election has the entire world gripped in attention. It is a contest of good vs. evil, Abel vs. Cain, Isaac vs. Ishmael, Jacob vs. Esau, et al. The last Trump, its root word is ‘triumph’, makes me pause at such a time in history. Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun; but, this event is likely supernatural, critical to the final and great harvest of God’s children. This will separate the wheat from the chaff. America is the winnowing floor.

I see God’s hand all over this election from the beginning of Trump’s announcement. God picked an outsider. He is wealthy but he has also failed many times; this rarely occurs to an insider. The cabal look after their own until they go off the reservation.


11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

At this time, the end of the age of grace, a time coming to a close, the Lord is telling us He is in control in Revelation 22:11. Not us.

Spiritual warfare people. Repentance would help. Pray. Pray. Pray.


Nahum 3:5

Behold, I am against thee, saith the Lord of hosts; and I will discover thy skirts upon thy face, and I will shew the nations thy nakedness, and the kingdoms thy shame.

While we watch the miraculous rise of an unlikely candidate, Donald Trump, we now witness God’s hand against the enemies of freedom. The Clintons’ skirt is now pulled over their heads and showing their shame.

There may be only 6 days left, but the public is awakened beyond restoration for this wicked couple serving what is now reported to be a foreign power, including China.

Senator Cotton now reports that the Clinton Foundation is, “the largest money laundering operation in the world.”

Steve Pieczenik, a former intelligence officer, now reports that a team of high ranking patriots have assisted Julian Assange in a silent counter coup.

The world is now awake and aware.

There is no power to be stolen in the White House even if the cabal steals it with George Soros pressing the buttons on newly renamed Diebold machines. The public, officials in the ranks and dignitaries around the world will simply not concede. This Emperor has no clothes.

November 8 may be the beginning of restoration or complete chaos as US citizens will clearly not sit idly by while a verified thief and liar among many evils attempts to steal the kingdom.

Know this: God’s hand is on America for His purpose. I pray it is mercy.