Brother Gonz wars for our little children

by Mary Magdelene

Now the devil is working tirelessly on adding pedophilia into society with a normalcy bias. ‘Pizzagate’ will not be covered up. The New York Times is guilty of this in a recent article–never read anything from this corrupt news source or any of its affiliates.

As recent Wikileaks emails and surprisingly, Twitter posts, reveal, there is a pedophile ring weaved into the Western world. Powerful men and women, including the Podestas and the Clintons in Washington D.C., exchanged words frequently on their events discussing, pizza and hot dogs, code for girls and boys respectively. The emails reveal an appetite for young children.

This is so diabolical, the Lord is uncovering it. It would be “better if a millstone were hung around the necks,” of those who commit these atrocities, the Lord said in His wrath. We can no longer trust authority among men. The related passage in Romans about authority in leadership is an anachronism. The watchmen are warning us as the Lord commanded, lest we endure retribution for avoiding the truth.

Brothers and Sisters, include this occult movement against children in your spiritual warfare. Break these foul spirits’ communications, their travels, scramble their plans, in Jesus’ name! Release warring angels around all children. Look out for children everywhere; keep them from the evil one.

Watch Brother Gonz’s excellent video report at FaceLikeTheSun .


One comment on “Brother Gonz wars for our little children

  1. Wayne Burks says:

    Hello Leslie,  I assume that you are continuing on with the intercession groupin Alto Boquete.  I have a special request for you to include in the intercession praying. See below.  I had been hearing bits and snatches about this problem but this person clarifies it so that you can understand without getting too graphic.  I am continuing my intercessional prayer at home every day and especially on Saturday, when I fast too. 

    God bless you and Alex as you work through all your challenges for a future life together.

    In Christian love,  Nancy Burks

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