Powerful testimony of heaven and my response

by Mary Magdelene

I enjoyed this testimony. Most unusual. I waited for him to say, “Jesus”; yet, he did say “the Messiah,” again and again. He confirmed that [spirits of] fear and anxiety are of this earth and absent in heaven. He confirms that he has “zero” fear of death; but, you should fear living a corrupt life which he did not believe was real until this death experience. He welcomes death so that he may return to heaven, where he was so peaceful and happy.

I conclude, humans have almost no inkling who they are and from whence they came from. We are spiritual, eternal beings who do not die. We have these temporary vessels and earthly tests set before us by the Lord. We must learn to think as we are already home, in God’s Kingdom. There is nothing to fear except that which can destroy your soul.

For Believers, followers of Jesus Christ our King, we walk with one foot on earth and one in heaven, waiting for our moment to lift the other foot up into His Kingdom. I walk in the natural; but, I think and act in the supernatural, knowing Jesus is with me and the Holy Spirit is in me. Glory! Glory! Glory! to our Lord Jesus!


2 comments on “Powerful testimony of heaven and my response

  1. KEVIN K OCONNOR says:

    I love this Brother and his life testimony as well. He has really gone through a hard life and has truly experienced a rebirth in Jesus as Lord! Dean Braxton’s testimony of Heaven is also very outstanding as well, Thank you so much for making these videos available! God Bless

  2. Josie says:

    That’s so uplifting, thank you.

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