MIRACLE : God opens funnel in the sky

By Mary Magdelene

I have shared many times this miracle which God answered within moments of my praying for it. It was time sensitive, so He did not delay. You will have difficulty believing because it is so extraordinary; yet, some of you will believe and rejoice.

I knew when He answered my prayer, that my son was precious to him. My son was home from college for the summer and had many friends in town. I had told him how I planned to stay home and watch the Perseid meteor shower.

“I’ll stay home and watch with you mom,” he said to my surprise. Well, it was getting late and the sky seemed a mile thick with clouds–not even a sliver opening from horizon to horizon. It seemed our plans were dashed.

I stood on our front walkway, looked up and ask the Lord to open the skies so my son would stay home with me. I never thought about how grand a request this was. Within moments the sky opened over our house up to the stars in a perfect circle, a long funnel through the clouds right up to the stars. It truly was a supernatural opening. I have never witnessed or heard of anything close to it, except in the Bible.

I imagined angels flying in circular formation on His command right over our house parting the clouds.

My son noticed me praying through the screen door, so I gestured for him to come out and said, “Look!” My son looked up and was stunned. He shook his head, incredulous. I chuckled and thanked Jesus. The opening stayed for about 30 minutes and closed. No other part of the sky cleared.

Now I saved the best for last. I found an illustration that I altered to help you see the magnificence of God’s hand and that nothing is off the table when you are in His will. Did He not say, if you asked the mountain to move in Jesus name, He would?

This is not a “thus saith the Lord” message; but rather, it is a “thus doeth the Lord” testimony with God, His angels and my son as my witnesses. O! how I pray you will experience His might and His glory in this manner. All you need is faith.

In hindsight, I consider that I asked for something on a cosmic level, without consideration for the scale of my request. This must have pleased Him, as walk on water faith. I now understand I came to Him as a little child in that moment. This is why He answered.

Now here is the picture.

Sky Opens 2

God opens funnel in the sky up to the stars, right over our house


Thank you!

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