Thousands of angels heard singing in America

I published this 7 months ago. I bring it forward again. The voices are beyond the human range. Seven people were recorded singing Hallelujah without instruments. When played back, thousands of voices, harps and other instruments were also heard. God has sprinkled the world with signs and wonders over time. Miracles are always justified by the worldly in the natural–even when there is no justification for them.

WATCH : I will give you testimony in one of my next posts of God answering me that you will have trouble believing. My son who is not saved witnessed it; yet, he dismisses it today, as it is too incomprehensible for him in the natural. When he saw the miracle, he was shaken. Just like God’s chosen in Israel, over time, they forgot His might. I have not. Stay-tuned, as will show how the kingdom of heaven is on earth more often than you know.

Enjoy this snippet of the Kingdom to come. I know you need encouragement. Be blessed.

Copied from my post 7 months ago:

Some videos stand out. This one I return to often. You will agree we Believers are so eager to go home that any peek the Lord give us helps us wait patiently for Him. Many, many listeners report crying on hearing. Enjoy:

With commentary and raw recording. Worth another listen:

The producer write:

Around 1987, a group of seven (7) people went to clean a church in Kansas City, Kansas to prepare for a Christian revival. As they were cleaning the church, they began to sing Capella (Hallelujah without instruments), and a man came into the church with a small tape recorder and taped their music. He just bought a brand new tape, and he began to tape their singing because it sounded so beautiful.

After he recorded it, he played it back and discovered thousands and thousands of angels singing harmoniously with the seven. The angels had instruments, but the seven human people did not. The tape recording of this type is known as an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). The sound was so awesome, they had it inspected (analyzed) by scientists at Oral Roberts University, and they concluded the voices were not human and the instruments were not earthly.


2 comments on “Thousands of angels heard singing in America

  1. Vonda says:

    Thank you for you website and how can we, the people, hear the angels sing? Is the recording for sale? Vonda

    • Contributor says:

      It better not be ! Everything from God is FREE. You can download this recording Vonda from the video. Put ss right after the two slashes. And voila it will be on your desktop.

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