Obama signs Executive Order for Martial Law this December

So many have received dreams, visions, and prophecies that Obama is the Antichrist. This latest Order is fueled by manufactured protests, almost entirely comprised of paid individuals. Now that Obama’s Masters are losing their grip on mind control and planned enslavement, the Antichrist is likely coming into focus. When they say, ‘peace and security’, following the victory of a righteous leader, Donald Trump, destruction follows.

We must pray people. Pray for the lost, the gullible, the deceived, the distracted. Pray for laborers. God will move mountains for you. Believe in the power of your prayers. Be kind and intercede for God’s compassion. And pray for God’s revenge on those who knowingly serve the devil, lying, stealing and destroying.

I am praying for all of you. All of us. Don’t hesitate to request prayer. I lay my hand on your words and pray for all you ask, all your families, everyone you mention and your needs. The strength you need will come from the Lord in these dark days. Believe in His supernatural presence and protection. Receive His peace that surpasses our understanding. All glory to Jesus our King, Yeshuah Ha Maschiah!


2 comments on “Obama signs Executive Order for Martial Law this December

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