Many Keeping Watch for the Rapture


by Brother Kevin O’Connor, Alaska

Sight of the Unseen Before the Seen

In other words, it’s those that first can see with eyes of Faith that are shown what will be. God delights in showing His hidden plans but not to those who think they know what will be but to those who first and foremost put Him on the throne of their hearts and lives.

I believe our Loving, Holy Heavenly Father has had it with those who are given much only to squander it on pride and arrogance of the gifts given to them as in Satan’s case.  Pride will knock us down in our relationship with Him while humility lifts us up. While we as mankind have that blessed opportunity (to humble ourselves), the spirit world doesn’t because they have been there and knew without any doubting that God is God and Creator of all that is. Hence, there is no opportunity of repentance for them but for us who have never seen the infinite Beauties and Wonders of Heaven, there is.

Praise Him Who knows the end from the beginning. Who is NOT restricted to time and space as we and the foul one now is. Who also knows each one of us more than we know ourselves thus knew that our blessed brother Paul needed a ‘thorn in his flesh’ to keep his heart in its proper place due to the amount of revelation he was granted.

One of the neat things I’ve been blessed with during my retirement is the freedom and ability to scour the internet for all sorts of revelations given to God’s millions of kids. And it seems, that no one person is given the entire picture. No one that is but Jesus Himself Who was, is and forever more shall be the ‘fullness of the Father’s heart’ Col 1:19 For it was the Father’s good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in Him, And, with that (my opportunity to research), I’ve been researching and watching for ANY hints or signs of our Lord’s removal of His bride from this planet. The reason, because I feel that the ‘catching away’ of the bride of Christ is the second most joyful event to befall humans in this world second only to first coming to know Jesus as Lord!

During my time of research and sharing with family and friends, I have learned of the spirit of both the wise and foolish virgins as noted in Matt 25:1-13 (there may also be those of which I have shared who aren’t even yet a member of Christ’s body and so they aren’t even declaring themselves to be waiting for Him), and yet I share anyway due to them being family or friends.

Here’s the two groups of Christians I have learned of during this time period; One group that tends to stand on ‘their understanding’ of God’s Word that ‘no one knows the day or hour’ of the catching away of the bride of Jesus. These are those that ‘tend’ to take comfort and ease in their ‘proclamation’ of this fact just as the Jews did that they were Children of Abraham. And then there are others having a spirit of expectancy and joy as they watch for ANY signs of His ‘catching away’ of His bride. Here’s what I’m seeing are both the benefits and disadvantages of both groups;

For those standing on their proclamation that ‘no one knows the day or hour’ I see the following benefits,

They’re not bothered with the emotional ups and downs of those expectantly watching and then being disappointed when a ‘high watch’ time comes and goes and yet are still here watching for the next ‘high watch’ time.

And a disadvantage I see of this group is;

They’re NOT eagerly expecting Jesus even though they are ‘with their words’ but NOT their spirit. I would say that this fact makes this group the most horrific state to be in due to this ‘state of being’ I believe is what will cause them to miss this most blessed event second only to the Saving work of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

For those eagerly and expectantly watching for our Lord’s ‘catching away’ I see the following benefits,

Their lamps of oil which I feel is representative of their eagerness and expectancy are full to overflowing and thus will be taken while those only making their ‘profession of faith’ will be left to have their garments made white by the suffering of the tribulation coming upon the whole world due to the Father’s wrath against sin. It takes more than a ‘profession of faith’ to be invited to such a blessed event, for there will be those who say Lord Lord didn’t we do such awesome things in Your name?! and He will say I never knew you. It’s about RELATIONSHIP, NOT about religion. Those in LOVE are watching EXPECTANTLY not standing on a profession of relationship but IN a relationship!

And a disadvantage I see of this group is;

The tremendous heart ache they experience each time they pass through another ‘high watch time’ and yet are still here. That truly hurts for those in love. BUT – those that are truly in Love will dust themselves off and look for yet another ‘high watch time’ because that’s what their hearts keep telling them to do.

So having been in the second group (eagerly and expectantly watching for Him) this last two years of time; I’d have to say, I would do it all over again because, something within my spirit tells me that I’m on the right path of expectancy and eagerness to watch with such a heart.

I know that those who also stand on ‘their profession of understanding’ also feel confident but there is a word I feel is meant for them and it is the following; Pro_16:25 There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. In other words to stand on a ‘mental understanding’ that lacks the passion of love, will find you being left behind to ‘prove’ whether you truly do have a relationship with Him by giving your life in the tribulation that was ONLY meant for a lost and dying world and NOT for God’s kids.

One of the last thoughts shared to those I care about from me before I’m ‘hopefully’ taken from this lost and dying world.

Heavenly Father, may each and every one who names Jesus as Lord ALSO passionately and eagerly be watching and waiting for Him! In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


Thank you!

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