GOD did not delay! Major lawsuit filed against George Soros!

“The draining of the swamp has indeed begun!” More please Lord.


3 comments on “GOD did not delay! Major lawsuit filed against George Soros!

  1. rubornagain2 says:

    Amen, may righteousness reign and the enemy be scattered! The foul one may bruise our heals but may we by the Authority of our King CRUSH his head!!!

  2. jake says:

    Obama has brought great evil to our government and the church has been silent. He has installed Socialist principles in every part of American life. He has begun to erode our freedom of religion, begun the process to take away our guns, accelerated the killing of babies and the church has been silent. Pastors have shown cowardice in the face of evil and we almost lost our country because of it. If God had not interceded and installed Donald Trump as our president, we would have become a Socialist, godless country within 2 years. We have been given a reprieve. Repent, get out of your pews and engage the enemy anywhere and everywhere. If pastors are afraid and don’t preach the entire gospel, leave that church and find a church that can be used by God. Your salvation is at stake. It’s up to you.

    • Contributor says:

      Could not agree with you more Jake. Trump is only a reprieve, not a Savior. We must not make him our hope–an idol–lest greater judgment fall upon America. The Church 501C3 is not just cowardly; but, corrupt running after dross. By all accounts, they are hirelings. There are a few Philadelphian churches here and there e.g. TimesSquareChurch and some in school gymnasiums, others in living rooms. It is very sad that people were trained to honor symbols of authority rather than true authority by God as was demonstrated by Jesus wherever he spoke. Believers must repent, heed the Holy Spirit within, hear the Shepherd’s voice, and, pray ceaselessly for discernment.

Thank you!

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