Who will inherit the earth?

Who are the meek? I have always desired to hear wise words on this verse, confirmed in Psalms. I am contemplating if I am meek.

Did I envy the men I have met of late who have so much? They were flaunting their riches to me and bragging about their riches. They were pitiful, unhappy and fighting amongst themselves. No, there was nothing they had which I envied. Surely, they sensed my ambivalence. I pitied them and looked for ways to bring them peace. I told them I hate money, as the love of it is the root of all evil. They had never heard such words. It seemed the wind had gone out of their sails.

Pause and consider what is meekness. What a blessing this preaching was to me. I am still pondering. I hope I am meek. I’d rather hear the answer from the Lord than from any man. I wait.


Thank you!

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