The Sanhedrin of Israel ask Trump and Putin to build 3rd temple


This event is so prophetic. Both Trump and Putin are quoted as King Cyrus’ by the Sanhedrin. King Cyrus was anointed by God to rebuild the temple. Now they ask these men to build it again.

The vile organization, UNESCO, aka United Nations, does not even acknowledge the temple mount’s Jewish origins–even though history and excavations prove it. The UN is a thorn in the side of the apple of God’s eye. I would not want to be a participant in any land separation or removal in Israel. Never get in God’s way; it always prove fatal.


Let me say this here and now, this counterfeit organization has shown its real face, not just on this matter but on its growing armaments build-up and violence. It is so evidently a tool of the globalists, the jumping point to global government. I hear so many voices saying, “UN must be dismantled.” (Sound of loud clapping hands on that!)

Sovereign diplomacy has always worked best, nations working with each other without mediation. We don’t need the UN. Let’s  not forget who was involved in its founding as The League of Nations in 1919: the  Rockefeller family.

May the Lord breathe fire upon this objectionable political/murderous tool birthed by wicked men.

First God blessed us with Brexit. Then, with a Trump Amerexit. We are long overdue for a UNEXIT.


2 comments on “The Sanhedrin of Israel ask Trump and Putin to build 3rd temple

  1. rubornagain2 says:

    Amen! God Bless Israel and may He rebuke all people and weapon formed against her!

  2. The scripture has to be fulfilled

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