Will the hidden hands “allow” Trump to win? (believing they’re in control)

The outed controllers must fear the blow-back. If they insist on manipulating the machines, counts and paper ballots–when the numbers are so disparate–the people will know and not accept. Nor will Trump. The blow-back would be unimaginable. In this interview, Jeff states Trump is not an outsider. He is an insider, having studied in Jesuit schools.

I hate to say this; but, the Lord gave me a dream last night about Trump that was so simple. Trump was standing about ignoring a little child in diapers, ignoring him and his safety. The little children are the faithful.

Trump is the better choice; but, not a panacea. Keep you eyes on the world leader, Yeshuah Ha Maschiah. Your protection and peace can only come from Him. He is returning very soon. Very, very soon. Give your life to Him and live a supernatural, miraculous life.


One comment on “Will the hidden hands “allow” Trump to win? (believing they’re in control)

  1. rubornagain2 says:

    I found myself being grateful that this person isn’t the Great Judge of mankind seeing that he seemed extremely critical. We ALL are foul and broken and yet he seemed to make it sound like Trump barely deserved any respect. Personally, that’s my perception of this video. Thanks

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