SUCCESS LESSONS from the scriptures : turn off the devil’s voice

Dani Johnson is a messianic Jewish woman who was once homeless and overweight. Today, she is famous and wealthy.

Johnson bases all her works on scriptures. She speaks of de-programming. (Yes! get yourself of Satan’s programming) I can attest that her words are sound. Listen to this brief presentation and be inspired. Get off the bad news, fear-mongering. Enjoy the day the Lord has made. Start receiving the Lord’s blessings and rejecting the devil’s lies.

Footnote: Before she speaks, Dani finds quiet space and prays. She always connects her words to scripture–even in large, secular audiences like Oprah! Surely, this woman has the Spirit of Deborah!

And I trust you will hunger for more. Here is an excellent hour with beloved daughter, Dani.

More from Dani. Blessed are those who find real shepherds on earth.


Thank you!

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