By Mary Magdelene


Here are my ten steps to God’s promise to His children. I promise to turn this into a video. Correction, many videos!

You have a dream, right? It may be a happy, healthy family. It may be a successful business. It may be a book. It may be to travel around the world. It may be a benevolent mission. If any of these are within God’s will e.g. not filthy and from the devil, your dream will come through if you turn off the devil’s voice and traps. BUT you must take certain steps.

  1. Turn off the television–permanently. This is where most of the devil’s programming occurs and steals your hope and joy. And you children’s hope and joy. Stop this! That includes the same networks’ programming on the internet. They have wormed in there too.
  2. Turn off the radio for the same reasons
  3. Stop reading secular books on success, life, fiction or non-fiction–using mantras, “secrets”, NLP, etc… All the devil’s methods.
  4. Stop reading secular magazines. Same garbage on TV is in them.
  5. Read the word of God, the Bible, about God’s promises and blessings. He is not a liar. He loves the poor AND the rich in the Lord e.g. Gary Heavin without partiality. It’s how you get to riches that matters–through Him or through Satan. Do not hate God’s blessings. This is not prosperity preaching. All scriptures are important. All of it. You do not have to be starving, homeless and sad to get into heaven! Keep Him first, your dream second. Right now, your dream is probably last because the devil tells you NO!
  6. Drive out the lies of the devil continuously and immediately. Warfare first. Then receive the words of the Lord.
  7. Watch what you say. I often say, “the power of life and death are on the tongue,” because it is written! Do not curse yourself any longer. When you do, it is the remnant of the devil’s programming. Repent. Cast it out. Start again i.e. Rinse and repeat!
  8. Once you receive, Give! Give! Give! Pay it forward. It’s tithing. Feed, clothe and shelter people with your blessings. Clearly, this means you have been blessed. God cannot bless a selfish, greedy person. He knows if you can handle His blessings.
  9. Never deny the Lord. Do not be ashamed of the One that had blessed you. Put Jesus first. Pray and give thanks every day, hour. Keep your day Holy and the Holy Spirit will guide your footsteps.
  10. Praise Him. Give Him all the Glory, Jesus! The devil flees at every utterance. Your dreams realized are a supernatural manifestation. A miracle of light in the darkness for everyone to witness. Be joyful and smile. You are a child of God and no greater gift can you have.

If you continue to wallow in the devil’s lies, you will continue to suffer, to lack. SHUT HIM UP!


Thank you!

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