God is exposing all corruption and will purge America with Trump

Trump is key to growing the end time harvest. I have known this and said it without cease.

The Church is so corrupt having made a covenant with the Baal system that it has been silenced; this is why you do not hear its voice against the corruption, vile abortions and perversions in the Church.

When Trump told the Church in a large gathering he would cancel the 501C3 there was no applause. He said it three times (God’s pattern). Do you doubt God is using him? What God wills cannot be stopped by anyone. God is in control.

The remnant is likely being raised to increase the harvest since the Church has lost His anointing. If you are in a 501C3 church, get out of it. God is not there. Find a small church or group that has not fallen into this trap. This is surely Jesus greatest warning, “do not be deceived.”


Thank you!

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