Do you have Real Power from the Holy Spirit?

It is time children to seek the word, a straight walk and the real power of the Holy Spirit in you. This is an excellent, passionate plea from Brother Paul Washer. If you do not have this power, you may not have the Holy Spirit in you. Re-dedicate yourself to the Lord, Jesus Christ, repent of you sins. Stop these sins that you may walk in the full power the Lord intended.

Remember when Jesus said, “greater things than this ye will do”? (in reference to His miracles) If you do not believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, you do not believe. Period. And you will be ineffective as a healer and disciple.

You do not need a man to receive the Holy Spirit. You receive Him when you give your life to Jesus in your heart. Jesus knows all your thoughts and knows whether your heart can be host to the Holy Spirit.


Thank you!

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