I am weeping with tears of joy


by Mary Magdelene

I have been praying to the Lord for years to use me mightily. I wanted to serve His sheep short of going on the street and finding the lost–which I will do when He commands it.

The Lord has grown this blog and the views are unrelenting and climbing steadily. I trust my work is God blessed and feeding His sheep. This gives me joy. BUT nothing gives me more joy than a believer reaching out for prayer. I received a heartwrnching request late last night and put my hand on the screen and prayed with all my heart.

I love to pray for those who write to me–all of their needs. I also break curses and bind spirits in their lives. I want to stay in touch with them and be completely available to them. This has been steady; but, not an avalanche.

I begin to enter all of them by name and needs and prayers in my book that I may continue to intercede for them.


Mere moments before receiving a request for prayer at 3:21 from a mother for her children I had removed items from my home that were likely cursed and displeased the Lord. For example my Grandfather’s shaving jar–a soul tie to a dead person; but, worse. I discovered from my family that he was a Freemason. I loved my grandfather. In his last days, I would sit at his feet and massage his calves and feet as his angina gave him such pain. It was such a comfort to him. This hour, I made Jesus first, broke the curse and put it outside for the trash. Many any other items went too.

The Lord rewarded me immediately with a request for prayer. He knows how much I love to serve Him. Thank you Jesus.


Thank you!

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