STUNNING : Quantum tunneling through DNA–technosorcery we are in

Brother RichieFromBoston Hosts Guests, Anthony Patch and Kris (EndTimesMatrix), both Believers.  You must visit Kris’ site to get up to speed. Just click her site in brackets above.

Patch has already shocked us all with outstanding revelations about CERN and the world’s largest quantum computer, DWave. Now, Kris multiplies our knowledge about our rulers’ beliefs and behavior. All is tied to ancient occult beliefs and numbers. She lays them all out. The devil’s plans are getting outed each day.

The Lord said, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” This may be intended to wake the Brethren to avoid the mark and its slight-of-hand.

This interview is up to this point unexcelled and I trust, God sanctioned.


Thank you!

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