How the media tell you they are demonic and you miss it each day


In the occult there is hidden meaning. Occult means hidden.  These hidden meanings are in much of our quotidian linguistics. One of our most overt, occult words in our daily language, the root of our deceptions and delusions, is the word, media. It it the plural of medium i.e. many mediums. From its early uses in biblical times, the word and meaning of medium is one that conjures spirits who as we all know, are liars and deceivers, familiar spirits.

Understand that media announces itself overtly. The lie is so big you cannot believe it. The heads of the media empires are occultists without exception e.g. Ted Turner, Disney, Murdoch et al.

Listening to media is on par with pulling up a chair to listen to a psychic reveal your future with tea leaves and cards. It is demonic through and through. You will never get truth through media. NEVER. Stop trying to cause the demonic to speak the truth; they cannot. Lies are endemic to their nature. THEY CANNOT SPEAK THE TRUTH.

On the internet, some have broken through. The internet is also called, alternative media. Do not define yourself under this demonic rubric. The power of life and death are on the tongue, words. You Christians telling the truth are not media personalities and do not produce media. Repent of this as I am.

The truth is in God’s word and the few shows on the internet that are still live for a short time. They are not media. They are truth, knowledge and wisdom.



Thank you!

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