HIGHEST GLOBAL ALERT : Jesus told you. His Saints told you. The heavens have opened.

The magnetosphere is still down today. The heavens have opened. President Obama has signed an Executive Order to deal with “space weather” in the past few days.

You may feel fatigued. Uncomfortable. Stock up…on the WORD OF GOD. Focus on the real manna.

Military are everywhere even in rural towns–visible, on streets and rooftops. When I drove by they commandeered by mobile phone. It has been building toward this.

Hallelujah! Jesus is close. Come Jesus! With power and great glory! Look up for your redemption draws nigh!



One comment on “HIGHEST GLOBAL ALERT : Jesus told you. His Saints told you. The heavens have opened.

  1. rubornagain2 says:

    I just want to share the following that was shared with INS (Israel News Service) and while I share it here as well, let me say that Allsoulsaremine does a GREAT job of redirecting its listeners to Jesus! The One and Only hope for this sick and dying world. Here it is; My feelings on a good Christian News Service or (CNS); A great CNS is like a great springboard whose purpose is to take one from the outside of a pool to the inside. The outside of the pool can be considered our view of the world from only the physical realm (only what our physical senses can determine). And, the inside of the pool can be viewed as what is happening all around us from God’s perspective Who is ‘outside’ of time & space and thus speaks NOT with speculation as to what may happen, but with a certainty since He sees the future like we see the present as if it’s already happening. So, here is what fascinates me about many of the CNSes (Christian News Services) as I watch them. While many do a great job of presenting the physical realm that is happening around us, they are doing a poor job to get us from the outside of the pool, to the inside of it. In other words, I feel they need to do a better job of ‘redirecting’ the listeners to not only hear what is happening, but ‘how’ what’s happening has already been foretold by God Who sees all things and so direct the listener to put their Faith in Jesus Who is the fullness of the Father’s heart ‘Col 1:19 For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell,’. We’re now on the edge of Jesus withdrawing His bride, and then total destruction. I realize that the present time is very, very exciting and scary from the ‘world’s’ point of view, but from one who is getting ready to leave this world before it REALLY gets bad, it’s really sad to watch CNSes NOT use this opportunity to get people’s eyes off the outside of the pool to the inside of it. God Bless

Thank you!

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