The world is gambling with time

By Mary Magdalene

Screen shot 2016-10-14 at 11.09.15 PM.png

Many are delaying accepting Jesus as their Savior thinking there is time. Every day that passes now is by His mercy.

Jesus is knocking on your door if you read this. There are no accidents.

Click the born again tab above to receive Jesus in your heart. He will come in and be with you. Repent of your sins. Experience a changed heart, a changed life.

Send me a note in confidence above for prayer–healing, strength, courage, wisdom, peace, provision. I will pray for you.

Get your hands on a Bible before it is too late. It will be marrow to your bones in all situations.

I could make this post very long but brevity may be more useful. Take heed to what I wrote above. Nothing is more important in the days ahead.


Thank you!

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