FOR THE LUKEWARMS AND UNBELIEVERS : Your time is short, very short

By Mary Magdalene

I bring this to your attention, again. The video you are about to watch proves the occult (means hidden) world government leaders participate and believe in. The leaders of France and Germany, Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel respectively, were present and participated in this dark ritual. Many more were present. This was filmed for the whole world to see.

You may not think hell, Satan and demons are real; but, world leaders do. They worship the fallen archangel and serve him daily. He perverts all that is clean and good, more today than perhaps ever in his existence on earth. He knows his time is short before His creator, God Almighty, throws him into the pit for 1,000 years; so, he is accelerating his debauchery and destruction.

When I say time is short, I am writing in terms of months and at most, up to a couple of years; but, it could also be days. There are only 70 years from the re-establishment of Israel in the Bible before all that is evil on earth is destroyed and it is governed by our King Jesus. That date was in May 1948. If you do the math the end is sometime between right now and May 2018. Only Father in heaven knows the precise time.

Earth will not disappear for another thousand years. But all sin, sinners and evil will disappear. Will you be here on the regenerated earth under Jesus?

Not one of you is exempt to Satan’s influence and compromise of your soul. Not one. He was given dominion here. BUT he has no power over those who accept Jesus as their Savior. They are sealed, marked and not within his reach. This is the truth whether you believe it or not. Even the demons know this and tremble at our proximity–because we have the power to send them into the pit on command. WE HAVE THIS POWER. It is written. I have sent many demons into the pit. I have seen them with my eyes and watch them vanish upon command. Now…

What you are about to witness is the most overt, in-your-face, ritual by Satanists / Luciferians. They worship the ex-communicated fallen one, Satan, formerly known as Lucifer. World leaders attended and participated. If you are still in denial, you have scales on your eyes. Return to your programming, your ghoolish television and sport distractions. “Bread and circus,” as Nero called it.

Aren’t you tired? What will it take for you to open your eyes and use the brain–the soul–God gave you? WHAT WILL IT TAKE? You will hit your knees as you finally recognize the semblance of freedom has long ago disappeared, your are already enslaved, your poisoned food is rationed, you can no longer work for income, and soon, you are likely walking to a labor camp or the guillotine. It is written. This is no drama. Satan wants you dead and world leaders serve the same.

There is a way out. The Truth. The Holy One. The Creator of all Universe. Good. Loving. Longsuffering. Pure. Almighty. Omnipresent. Omnipotent. Omniscient. Do not doubt that He loves you. And if you are reading this–it was appointed by Him.

Satan hates you. Do not be tempted by his promise of prosperity and shiny new toys. They are dust.

JESUS KNOWS ALL YOUR THOUGHTS. Satan does not. He does not have such powers.

JESUS EYES ARE EVERYWHERE. Satan is limited to his eyes and uses his demons and minions to report to him. He is not omniscient.

JESUS CAN DESTROY ALL WITH HIS BREATH. Satan has no such power–he can use sinful humans to develop technology and confusion to impress and destroy you. But that’s all. The Lord has and can put a stop to any and all of his evil works. The Lord allows some to be carried out TO WAKE YOU UP AND GET  YOU TO REPENT and receive eternal life, and supernatural protection.

NOW WATCH THIS RITUAL THAT JUST OCCURED celebrating Satan with world leaders present. It is nothing more than Satan’s vain, self-adulating puffery. Again he knows his time is short. So he will do anything to corrupt your mind, to destroy your inheritance of the new earth coming under the governance of King Jesus and then, eternal life in the Kingdom of heaven forever.

Study and reflect on your inaction. On your ambivalence. Have scales been placed on your eyes? If you think this is a cultural, artistic event–you have scales on your eyes. And you are probably doomed. If you are unsure, ask Jesus to come into your heart. This is Him knocking at your door. Let Him in and see what happens. When you say ‘yes’, you will experience peace and joy that has eluded you until now. You will have a supernatural experience and become a new man, new woman.

Write to me about your experience. Request prayer. I will be on it the moment you send it. Trolls are easy to identify–so be open and honest. No one but the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and I will see it.


2 comments on “FOR THE LUKEWARMS AND UNBELIEVERS : Your time is short, very short

  1. rubornagain2 says:

    Amen, I just emailed out to those I love the following, Thanks for the alarm!

    Russia Prepares for Nuclear War and Warns of New World Order

    Mat_5:13 Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

  2. Contributor says:

    Hopefully you are sending them my post along with the fear post from dear brother Ben de Noon. They need to know there is an escape. There is hope, peace and joy. And they too will be salty! 🙂

Thank you!

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