ATTENTION : The magnetosphere collapsed today

The earth’s protective layer collapsed as a result of a wave of energy coming from the opposite side of earth’s facing of the sun. As a result, the atmosphere was ionized with positive ions; this is why people may have felt fatigued today. Indeed, I did feel fatigued even though I had a good sleep. I was discussing this over an hour ago with a women in a store.

Negative ions are good for our electromagnetic bodies; but, they were overtaken today. Mike from around the world spoke of this today. I know it is the truth as I have formerly researched ions in the past.Listen to his explanation in the second video; he portends more space weather and further effects.

The second wave is coming in 73 days which effects will last 100 days. A third wave is coming…

A very interesting discussion is the admission by the NSA that their quantum computers cannot read the mind of true Christians as they have Holy Spirit. They have an unction that keeps them unreadable by the system. I would listen to Mike and Paul to the end. It is very enlightening and encouraging.

Here are two videos which reveal the event and what to expect.

Thank you!

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