CHOICES THIS HOUR : Nuclear war or frosting recipe


I just took this screen shot of the last three videos broadcast from channels I subscribe to.

I love Chef Mama Rosa because she is a brilliant health and nutrition videographer and a Sister -in-Christ. You may look at my screen shot above and chuckle.

This is the time we are in. So prophetic. As in the days of Noah…marrying…tra la la la la.

I consider a recipe while I hear Russia has its fingers twitching at the nuclear button. (40 million Russians are now underground.)

The question is do we continue on with frosting? Or do we stop, leave it on the counter and climb to the rooftop in our bathrobes?

The frosting recipe juxtaposed with a nuclear threat of annihilation is truly how we experience daily life is at present. We are on the proverbial see-saw, normalcy sitting one end and destruction on the other.

Our only constant, our rudder, is the peace of the Lord. Our Guide, the Holy Spirit within us. The manna that is the word–ergo the body of Christ.

Thank you Lord for giving us a sound mind to overcome the days ahead.


Thank you!

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