144,000 gathering – Jews finding Jesus as their Messiah


2 comments on “144,000 gathering – Jews finding Jesus as their Messiah

  1. rubornagain2 says:

    Thank you very much for providing these videos for our pleasure and blessings. Please allow me to comment as follows; I loved videos 1,2, and 4, I enjoyed the positive word of Faith in videos 1 & 2 and then the factual video of #4. Concerning #3 please let me say this, while it was a dramatic video showing the truth being revealed through a messianic rabbi, it also showed extreme hate being displayed from Jews resisting Jesus as the Messiah. The hate was extremely evident in not only facial disgust but in words especially from one man. This video was like a fine wine in regards to the truth being shared but the foulness of the hate that was also being viewed was like a rotting corpse within that fine wine. I realize it was just trying to be ‘real’ with how it actually is, but Heaven won’t have ANY foulness there at all and thus will be Joy and Happiness beyond description. If I had a choice of what to view, it would Heaven and not a mixture of reality that we HAVE to live in now. We have enough of that with each passing day that our Lord doesn’t come and take us home. Thanks again especially for the other 3 videos! Lord Bless

    • Contributor says:

      I love the third video. It dramatizes the mourning to come as it did during Jesus last days. Judas is not a mixture–Satan entered him as Jesus said. The devil is quite busy these days denying Jesus. This is no time for soft-peddling. It is truly time to love those called so much by being be bold. NOT WISHING ANY SHOULD PERISH. 144,000 from the 12 tribes is a big awakening–unprecedented–and this movie is a glimpse of their ministry, likely to those left-behind. This is one new thing under the sun! It is imminent. I feel Jesus’ excitement at being reunited with the apple of his eye.

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