EU seat No. 666 unallocated, “waiting for a special leader”

If you are looking for blatant clarity on those who govern, who they serve, there can be no doubt with this information. This knowledge given to anointed Brother Neville Johnson had me gobsmacked. And disgusted. Seats 665 and 667 at the EU meeting headquarters in Brussels are allocated; but, the seat between them is reserved.

It’s not enough that the building is designed after Flemish painter Brueghel’s canvas of the Tower of Babel; but, the entrance has a statue of the woman riding the beast, straight out of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

If you do not see these as signs that the Bible is true and that darkness is upon us, you are so deeply programmed by evil men’s schemes that you may lose your life. It angers me when people scoff at such blatant hubris from evil men as though it were some form of creative expression. Ask yourself if you are deaf and blind; the Bible says you are. I pray you get your sight and hearing before it is too late.

Listen at around 54 minutes if you do not have time to hear this entire excellent sermon.


Thank you!

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