screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-12-37-12-amBy Mary Magdelene

I write this ex-temporally and urgently today.

To Atheists, Agnostics, Scientologists, Mormons, Jevovah’s witnesses, Catholics, Buddhists, New Age small gods, Hindus, Occultists, mixture Christians (Laedocians), Islamists, Pharisees, all unbelievers in the one true God who has come in the flesh, I say:

There is a system of justice in heaven. Jesus is the Supreme Judge. It runs on heavenly not earthly laws. There are crimes called sins. Some crimes like blaspheming against the Holy Spirit are unpardonable; yet, all other sins are pardonable if true, deep-in-the-heart repentance is felt BEFORE you face the Judge, not when you are in front of Him. This is judgment day–not repentance day.


If you do not believe in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha Maschiah, you do not believe in the Father, the great IAM. And the Holy Spirit is not in you. Period. This is the fundamental law of your spiritual existence. You are spirit, not just flesh, and have life eternal.

When you are standing before the Great Judge, it is judgment day. There is no erasing of your works possible at that time. You are accountable.

That moment is approaching quickly.

When your earthly vessel’s time expires, your spirit has only two places it can travel to. First, you will stand before the throne for judgment. If you do not believe in Jesus as Lord over all, the Holy Spirit is not in you; you will not obtain entry into the Kingdom of Heaven. Instead, you will be received in the pit, hell, a very hot burning place, putrid by scent, loud by screams of sinners in pain–for eternity–joining billions of demons, Satan and those who denied and killed Jesus. Those who made money on the backs of the poor, those who are vain, proud, perverted, those who lie, kill and destroy, surprisingly, still deny Him and His offer of forgiveness.

God is just. He will tell you why He rejects you at the throne. You will plead. And you will plead and cry and remind him of your filthy works to no avail. He is just.


Tribulation has begun. The Great Tribulation–the worst time in human history is about to begin. This is the time when Satan will be clearly overt. He is already overt e.g. Arch of Baal in NYC and London, Bronze statue of Baphomet erected in cities including Detroit, Satan classes mandated in Elementary schools in Florida and Seattle, world leaders attend Satanic ritual at the Gotthard Tunnel… The worst is yet to come.

Occult symbolism, the subtlety of Satan, is transforming himself out of vanity, making himself god in the Antichrist over America and other nations. When you are able to match every prophecy in the Bible about Satan to his tangible action, you will mourn and know the Bible, the Word of God, is true. By then you may not be able to find a Bible. Christians (Saints) may have been martyred or raptured; they will no longer be in your midst. You will not find Him, His Saints, the Holy Spirit or His word. It gets worse from here.

YOU WILL NOT FIND HIM IF YOU ARE FOOLED INTO TAKING THE MARK OF SATAN IN  YOUR HAND OR FOREHEAD. After taking the mark, you will have no redemption or rest for eternity. This too is unpardonable. Satan will make it seem pedestrian as a convenience to buy and sell. It is a lie. Your pain and damnation are now permanent. His minions will give you smooth words and out of cowardice you will believe. The mark will actually change your DNA from the 2-strand to an ungodly creature. It is written, that boils will break out on your body.

You unbelievers who think myself and millions who are chosen as I are crazy, this is the influence of Satan and the demon(s) assigned to you speaking into your mind. They want you to lose your eternal life in heaven. They are jealous of your ability to obtain salvation. They hate you. They wish to kill you. Even if you serve them. Once you take the mark you will suffer terribly as Satan now owns you permanently. Redemption is lost forever. Your soul altered and lost. For what? For food? For drugs? For shelter? For a bowl of soup?

Do you know Jesus will provide for you if you don’t take the mark? He will also take you, either in your body or out of body, to safety in His Kingdom. When you arrive home, because the Kingdom of Heaven was always your home, you will know joy and peace as never before in your worldly life. You will be reunited with the Father, Jesus, angels and the Saints forever. You will see, know and experience things as you never have before.

If you reject these truths, I promise you, the day is coming shortly when you will remember these words and wish you could recant. Jesus may remind you of this moment–this evidence. You will mourn. And you will be in agony for eternity. You may feel it is not just. BUT IT IS JUST.

You rejected the One true God. You mocked Him. You mocked His Saints. Yet He was willing to forgive you. He even died a painful death for your forgiveness. All your life He called you and you did not answer. YOUR JUDGMENT IS JUST.

Let Your hammer of judgment come down Lord. Cast these into outer darkness that your Kingdom come. Write Your judgments in the book of life. Even so come Jesus. Your Bride waits eagerly. Let not her gown be soiled. Keep her garment clean dear Jesus as you come to collect her unto Yourself.

NOTICE: PRINT THIS POST AS THE UN-HOLY HAS NOW TAKEN OVER THE INTERNET. You may not access Truth after reading this.


Thank you!

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