I hate hate

By Mary Magdelene

I repented yesterday (and again this morning) of the evil thoughts and words of a few people toward me without cause. It offended me; but, these short events were more fire from the Lord. He is polishing me further. The new man in me knows it is the works of the evil one and that they are persons given over to him. These strangers were filled with vanity, lifting themselves up in their vain, unkind words. I assumed I was beyond reaction; but, the Lord showed me, “not quite.” So now, I am on notice, watching, pleading the blood of Jesus and at the next event, I will be unmoved, visibly and internally, kind and praying for them. O! how the nature of man is fallen! And an unsaved man, more so! I hate hate! Let me not partake of it Lord!

I just watched this video from OTG. Such a great channel. If you can accept the Truth, you will accept its truth.

One comment on “I hate hate

  1. rubornagain2 says:

    Amen! Absolutely True! The following is just a word from my heart; No person is the master of themselves, not a single person willed themselves into existence. Every person alive is a servant to one of two realities, sin/pleasure and denial of Christ as Lord OR surrender to Jesus as Lord & Savior. The one results in a VERY short period of pleasure and then ends in eternal torment and suffering, the other results in a VERY short period of denying self and then endless ages of indescribable Joys! All those who choose the first (sin/pleasure) will ALWAYS be the ones to say that ‘they won’t be deceived by the coming antichrist’, and yet these are the exact ones that will be due to the fact that NO ONE willed themselves into existence and so each and every person alive is a servant to one of the two choices listed (sin/pleasure or Jesus) Thank you to all who will speak the Truth, God’s Heart!

Thank you!

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