Rare Prophetic Dream : The Lord collects his five virgins


By Mary Magdelene

I woke later than usual this morning, well-rested for a change and coming to the realization that the dream I just I had was from the Lord. I do not get many dreams, especially of this nature, in any given year. I pray it will add light and hope to your day. There is so much to the dream that I am abbreviating to the most exciting highlights. Please TAKE NOTE OF THE SYMBOLS in bold letters.

In the dream, I was helping a woman prepare for a wedding which I was also attending. We were altering her garments. I had to leave to collect my things at a moving company. (Dreams are like that; the scenes change quickly, oddly, otherworldy!)

So here I am, walking at dusk in a light rain toward my destination; but, I wander without finding the place that holds my worldly goods.

A vehicle slows near me, I ask the occupants if they can orient me and give me a lift since, “we are going in the same direction.” As I get in the third back seat in this long car, the woman says something in tongues; it seemed she was thanking the Lord. I respond in tongues and then ask, “Are you a Christian?” She affirms, as also the other occupants seem to concur about themselves. The driver is a cheerful bearded man; yet, I cannot see his whole face. There is one woman in the front seat with him, two in the middle seat and one alongside me. Five women in total including me.

We drive out of the area, way beyond my destination, into a peninsula, a mere road surrounded with water. We could not turn around to go back and find my worldly destination; but, I seemed unconcerned, being in such good company.

Then my cat wakes me howling for her breakfast.

As I reflect on this dream, I realize the Lord came to pick up his five virgins and steered onto the highway home which no one could access other than from one way. We were on the ethereal highway.

Our dreams are signs in these last days, as it is written. So many brothers, sisters and children are having dreams and visions of our departure.

Praise you Jesus for this dream. You have told me again and again that this blog was my good works. You knew I would share this. You want your bride to know that you are coming. Hallelujah!

I have listened to too many rapture deniers of late; I was all over the map not wanting to err. I can state categorically, the Lord wanted me to know the truth in this dream. I don’t know when we are departing. Only the Father knows. I can affirm that the Saints’ mounting number of dreams, including this one, indicates we must prepare for a wedding now.


One comment on “Rare Prophetic Dream : The Lord collects his five virgins

  1. rubornagain2 says:

    Amen, awesome dream, Thanks for sharing!

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