Jesus said, “It is finished.” Why?


By Mary Magdelene

Jesus said, “It is finished,” on the cross, because his work was finished. He gave us the power and the authority to continue His work for two thousand years.  It is written.

Only a few years, if any, remain of this time of grace.

The devil has hidden this from us–even the churches. It is time to learn, know and use your authority in Jesus’ name with great faith. The final thousand years of rest is about to begin. Time is exceedingly short to know you are called, chosen and in battle gear. Start to move in the Spirit of God without delay.

Be still. Know that He is God. Surrender yourself to Him and He will use you mightily.

If you are not sure of being called, ask Him. Jesus will knock at the door of your heart. You will open and he will sup with you.


Thank you!

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