Mena receives warning from the Lord : it’s close

I can confirm Mena’s dream with mine from October 2015–very specific:

He warns her of many things the East coast tsunami among them–perhaps it is Wormwood hitting the Atlantic ocean. USA is in for judgment. The Church leaders are on notice and “one sign” will come to them. Actually, all who teach and lead.

“The last Christmas (2015),” spoken by the Pope and the Queen may realize. The Lord warns Mena about December among other judgments.

Get spiritually prepared children. I will do all I can to contribute to this end. Our protection is assured if only we believed!

Mena was allowed to listen in on a conversation between powerful demons (Bible verses show God letting Prophets see and hear them) about the importance of Hillary Clinton in their plans. Stunning revelation to the much reported darkness that surrounds her.


Thank you!

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