It’s time to WALK and MOVE in the Spirit of God

Trust the Lord. Trust His word–read it and know the power vested in you. Put on the full armour–including and especially “the sword of the Spirit.” Nothing, no devil, none of the enemy’s attacks, can withstand the Spirit of God in you. USE IT !

I remember standing in the dark, it was raining cats and dogs, by my lifeless vehicle holding up jumper cables for drivers to see I needed help. I was at peace and even chuckled. The cars drove by, one after the other. I was soaked, helpless, but at peace and joyful. A man walked up the road, a rural road with only one house nearby, and took action to get my car moving. I was very thankful. I ran into him several miles away many days later when my car failed again. There he was again and he touched the car. My car started up again. I asked him, “Are you an angel?” He smiled. I asked, “What is your name?” He said, “Kevin.” I replied, “That’s not an angel’s name,” smiling coyly. I want to return to that faith walk. I smiled and was at peace through everything. It’s time. Jesus sent this man, or angel, by my faith and the joy that comes with that faith. Sometimes we entertain angels aware! Praise you Jesus.

Now listen to Brother Cahn. A message for this day.


Thank you!

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