Word of encouragement from Gonzo Shimura

We feature Gonz in the right column (scroll a bit). You may want to visit and subscribe to his YouTube channel, rich with Christian content. His site is “Face Like The Sun.” He has such a gentle, lovely manner and I enjoy him immensely.


2 comments on “Word of encouragement from Gonzo Shimura

  1. Joyce T says:

    Dear Friend,

    After experiencing a very traumatic time in my life, the inspiration that kept me going was when I began to read the Bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. I listen to a Pastor who has a deep understanding of the symbols referred to throughout the scriptures. He explains the Hebrew and Greek roots of many terms in the “letter from G-d” – the Bible.


    • Contributor says:

      Dear Joyce,
      It is unwise to beat the rapture to death. To much has been said for and against it. Pre, mid, post, pan or not at all. No one is going to lose their salvation because they swing either way. Yes there is a spirit of confusion and only one truth–perhaps none of us are to know.
      So this is why I have edited your post substantially. I know you are posting this in many places.
      I would not invite the beast here by these words. Glorify the Lord always. I will add you to my prayers. Do not let the devil take your hope and joy by focusing on his works. You haven’t seen anything yet!
      Mary Magdalene

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