Warning to my Sisters and Brothers

Be cautious on the web. Many websites and video channels appear to be Christian–they are not. Remember, if television is the devil’s playground, why not also the internet? I can discern a non-Christian site pretty quickly.

  1. fear mongering with token mention of Christian key words
  2. robotic voices over a Christian video
  3. a mixture of bad language and Christian language
  4. constant mentions of end times and rapture with nothing else–they may be Christian but this is click-bait and losing its savor. No Christian should have any desire in their heart than fellowship, teaching and helping in Christ. Some take being a Watchman to the extreme. God does not publish the Daily News UK tabloid!

Be discerning. Look at their record before you subscribe. Can you find their heart?

I have made mistakes myself in my choices. This is unfortunately how we learn. I am happy to report that I am less and less deceived with each day.

The devil is crafty, subtle and a liar. He is also happy to use immature Christians to push his prophecies, his fear, his hate and his lies.

Thank you!

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