In the last days my handmaidens shall prophesy

Brothers and sisters, I have been absent here for a few weeks. The number of visitors to my site have not abated to my wonder. I have been in the word daily, close to Yashua Ha Maschiah, keeping my first love; but, I am taking stock on my works and my walk. This is the cause of my silence.

The noise that is the devil’s is all around us, even in the Church. The sifting increases. The shaking increases. I pray for discernment as deception is great. Even this week I witnessed a prophetess adulated by many serving Baal, imparting demons to the ignorant. Children it is time to commune with the Holy Spirit in you–very closely. If you cannot hear Him, re-commit yourself, repent and abandon all sin. Now. Now. Now. Do not look to the world for anything. DO NOT LOOK TO THE WORLD. Turn to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Now.

The anger of our Lord is great this day. It cannot be quenched. The world is up for a shaking. And more shaking. Until all that is filthy is sifted. And all that mock Him are silenced.

Begin this moment to refresh your faith, your walk, your works. Serve Him day and night. Praise Him day and night.

Your Sister in Christ, Mary Magdalene





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