HOAX! SEE POST September 26, 2016 Stunning discovery : fairies that could be locusts of Revelation

Screen shot 2016-07-22 at 8.25.26 PM

LA Marzulli has traveled far to find the nephilim in Genesis 6.2. He broke the news last week, that the elongated skulls found in Peru were in fact from Mesopotamia, the land of the Nephilim. This was ground breaking; but, hold on!

Now the disclosure of “fairies” (which he was obliged to keep secret for two years) is simply stunning. My eyes are open. Watch the video in his post here. This small creature is now being compared to the locusts of Revelation.

The disciples’ descriptions may be more literal than metaphorical as we have often assumed. The locusts were often suspected to be helicopters. Now this gives us pause.


Thank you!

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