MUST LISTEN : 95% of churches in the Baal system and prophecies of Satan abound

There are many who scoff at Mark Taylor’s prophecy about Donald Trump becoming President of the United States; but, his prophecy is looking more accurate as the days pass.

In this interview with Rick Wiles, who first broadcast the prophecy, Taylor reveals another message from the Lord. We better sit up and listen.

There are too many prophecies that have not come pass; thus, it is wise to pay heed to his report. God warns through Taylor that 95% of the churches in America excluding the Catholic Church are ensnared in the Baal system, the 501C3. That means they are serving Satan and not churches of the Most High. They must get out as Satan cannot cast out Satan. A few wise Church leaders have recruited lawyers to extricate themselves after hearing this message from the Lord.

The wisdom of Donald Trump in meeting with 40 evangelical leaders is striking. He received their blessings and prayers; yet, he reproved them three times on their culpability for the state of America. Not one responded to him. The Baal system has kept them from preaching the full gospel. It’s all about smooth words for itchy ears in exchange for tithes and offerings–all of it serves Satan. This is why judgment will fall upon the 501C3 church first. This is also why the Lord says, “Get out of her my children!” Don’t walk, run!

Find out how else the brethren are pushing the prophecies of Satan and cursing America. My jaw dropped as I just posted this and my spirit was stirred for weeks with the same revelation.



3 comments on “MUST LISTEN : 95% of churches in the Baal system and prophecies of Satan abound

  1. Helen says:

    I am still desperately seeking the Mark Taylor prophesy in print….we have a church full of Seniors who do not have access to the internet and are begging for this in print. Thank you for you help!!

    • Contributor says:

      Mark read it out on Rick Wiles show. It is in one of our stories. I have not seen a transcription; but, if you are handy, you could key it. Mark enunciates well but speaks briskly.
      My opinion is that what is written is what will occur. Trump is being used by the Lord for a purpose we may not quite understand–probably to uncover, make naked the lies. This way more can be loosed from the clenches of the devil and turn to God. I believe everything is about the harvest. It may not matter whether he wins or not–only that he pulls back the veil. He is brave and God will reward him. It is important not to make idols of anyone. Jesus is the only answer. The only way. He has a plan. We know some of it. Bless you Helen!

  2. Adam Smith says:

    Roman 16:18

    For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.

    He is a false Prophet and you are saying a man of hate is God’s chosen. Sorry you are reading the wrong bible.

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