MUST WATCH : Spirits putting curses over neighborhoods

This is perhaps the greatest testimony of a man who made Satan his father, who served the devil with all the works of darkness. The devil’s greatest work has been to hide himself, that he may work in the shadows in all lives–especially Christians. Today John Ramirez is free and a powerful evangelist.

The churches are teaching happy, not free,” Ramirez coins. What an excellent meme for this day’s churches! The churches are ostensibly not teaching spiritual warfare.

As I said in my current broadcast, Supernatural Good News-Part 1, God loves all, even those who have fallen to the grips of the devil and his legion of demons. Until the day of judgment (which is so close) you can be set free from all your pain. All! You can experience peace and joy, not a natural kind, but a supernatural kind. The kind I have. You have the power to bind it, cast it out, if only you have faith to do it!


The devil still tries to halt my works. This morning I had such a migraine I could not read the Word. I stopped and cast it out powerfully in Jesus’ name. It is gone. I required no pharmakia. Demons will try to harm and trouble you, even without permission; but, when they have no legal right, no cause, they get a direct trip to the pit of hell. I cast this one out this morning without compassion. Burn devil, burn. in the everlasting fire you filthy spirits that torment the world. We, the Bride of Christ, are lifting the veil that the world see your filthiness and your attacks on God’s creation. You can no longer hide. As the Archangel Michael said to you, “the Lord rebukes you.”

Go to my Spiritual Warfare topic on the right, scroll down, and click open. You will find prayers to break curses, generational curses, restoration of what Satan has stolen from you including your health and much more. Learn about the full armor of God; make sure every piece covers you. Ephesians 6:12-18. Read it, meditate on each word. This is a key passage to overcoming the days of darkness upon us. Then take action because faith without works is dead.


You can request prayer in absolute confidentiality from me at the tab above. If you do not identify yourself, giving honest details of your need, I will not trust the writer. I will not cast Jesus’ pearls to swine. Conversely, I will pray, bind and loose for you fervently, without delay.



Thank you!

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