The Putin Western media conceals from you : Stunning

It’s just does not help Obama and Hillary to let the media humanize President Putin. The propaganda is to present him as soulless (yes Hillary said this–we consider the source!)

Here is another insight. Note that Putin is surrounded by A-list American stars. Ask them what they think of Putin and Russia. They sure are showing him great affection! Goldie Hawn, Kevin Costner, Gerard Depardieux, Sharon Stone and many more. Truly stunning.

It may help slow public acceptance of a third world war. Know that Putin is reaching out to America on the media to stop this.

And here Putin sings, Blueberry Hill, in English. Hilarious!

Donald Trump already says he wishes to build relations with Russia and Putin welcomes it. Here he decimates globalist journalist, Fareed Zakaria, in his usual common sense replies.

Who is the enemy of who? Pray for peace between these two nations. I would not discount that God will put a hook in his jaw for His purpose.




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