Prophecy Fulfilling ? Another Antichrist manifests

When I heard our dear brother Steven Ben Denoon announce a pending agreement between Turkish magnate Adnan Oktar and Israelis that Turkey will build the third temple and Solomon’s palace, the final pieces of the puzzle seemed to fall into place. Yes, it seems strange; but, it is ecumenical in all its purpose, with “peace” in all its utterances. I am on good report that the Vatican/ R.C.C. birthed Islam; thus, this would meet with their approval and lead the world toward the New World Order.

Oktar is very charismatic and gives no regard to women as he treats them as sexual animals, “kittens”, as you will see in the many videos. This passage in the Bible fueled the belief that he would be homosexual; however, it may purport other meaning. He is also reported to be a 33 Degree Freemason. Let’s not forget that Pergamon in Turkey is reported by Jesus in Revelation to be the seat of Satan.


I received what I believed to be a prophetic dream last March of the Antichrist to be. You can read it here. .  I searched this personage and his image, deemed to be the Mahdi. The Lord showed me his profile in the dream. I almost jumped out of my bed when I saw his image. It is the same image. The beard, the hair, the middle-eastern appearance, the almond eye.

Screen shot 2016-07-11 at 9.30.43 AM

Image of Mahdi Adnan Oktar in my dream of the Antichrist last year

Here he is in a recently posted video. I cannot date this broadcast; if it is indeed from July 2016, Oktar has died his hair. Again he is quintessentially the image in my dream.

Here is a video that shows Oktar’s charismatic personality with English translation:

Here is Ben DeNoon’s announcement with a segment of Oktar in a seemingly “white throne” facing the Israelis in this prophetic meeting:

I will continue to add to this story. I wished to release without delay that you may consider and pray about it. Consult the Holy Spirit in you as will I.


Oktar was born Harun Yahya, in Ankara, February 2nd, 1956.He is 60 years of age this day. Here is his website: . You will note a mixture of belief–a creationist who adulates Allah and refers to Mohammed and Jesus as Prophets. He derides Satan in his many  posts and tweets. Could this be a deterrent? Is this the “iron and clay”?

It strikes me as inane that Israelis would negotiate with a Holocaust denier as is evident in Oktar’s many writings.


The name Yahya is of Hebrew origin. It means, “The Lord is gracious.” Also translated it is the name, “John.” It is also a nickname for the 12th Imam, the sought Shia Mahdi.

Thank you!

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