Screen shot 2016-06-14 at 6.27.22 PM

The Province of Ontario and part of Quebec are experiencing outages, internet and cable, across all major service providers. It seems to be widening. I have been down since yesterday 4:30 EST ! I am tethering on the SMS network to write to you all.

It is an odd outage. Getting the truth did not come easy. One representative took pity on me and confessed that it was province-wide. My own suppliers’ phone service went dead, “no longer in service.”

So that means I won’t be posting as much and certainly not uploading videos and audios until ‘normal’ returns.

This truly seems like a cyber-attack as it covers all delivery systems. If anyone is afflicted we’d like to know!

UPDATE : We’re back! A little tweaking of logins and switches or whatever…Praise God!


Thank you!

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