RED ALERT : Philippines forcing mark of the beast on its people!

Rev. Michelle Hopkins-Mann uncovers very plausible discovery of the mark of the beast today. Incredible discovery.

She also has uncovered reports that the mark, the chip, is being injected by force into the people of the Philippines at this moment. These are gentle, religious people and is of great concern to me. I will investigate this and report in!

EVERYONE KINDLY PRAY FOR REV. MICHELLE AND THE FILIPINOS. It is time for spiritual warfare on a global scale. It is time to bind and loose. To fast and cast out. To strengthen our full armor. Come Jesus!

5 comments on “RED ALERT : Philippines forcing mark of the beast on its people!

  1. Rover Radar says:

    05 June 2016

    Correction: it’s FILIPINOS, not Philippinos Thank you very much, for the FYI – I will inform my friends as well.

    • Mary Magdalene says:

      Thanks Rover! We’ve been locked out of Twitter awhile and we are glad of it. But glad you came to here! Thanks for correction. Heart is heavy with acceleration of the devil’s works.

  2. Rover Radar says:

    You’re welcome. Any more details, as to how exactly this is being implemented? Thank you too, for sending out urgent prayer request for all the Filipinos, and Rev. Michelle. Looking forward to the latest update. Thank you kindly, and God bless you.

  3. Rover Radar says:

    06 June 2016

    I’m sorry, but I do not agree with what Rev. Michelle says, about being able to undo the mark of the beast – Revelation 13 is VERY CLEAR about receiving it (NO ifs, and/or buts).

    • Mary Magdalene says:

      YES that was odd. I won’t be taking it! But imagine if they force it into you against your will. I would do precisely what was shown.

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