Living creatures in Ezekiel’s wheels are above our heads

D13Watchmen makes a biblically sound interpretation of the stars in heaven quoting evidence from multiple verses. I find this work brilliant and thought provoking.

We have lost our way for so long due to manifold lies. It is reflections such as this one that pull back the veil and reveal the magnificence of our Lord’s handiwork. Enjoy!


One comment on “Living creatures in Ezekiel’s wheels are above our heads

  1. rubornagain2 says:

    A Wonderful video depicting our Great Dad’s Creation! While this video does a great job of depicting the Truth of Psa 19:1 The heavens are declaring the glory of God, and their expanse shows the work of his hands. The longer I live the more I realize how EVERYTHING declares the glory of God! I told the wife recently how much I was impressed with the glory of God concerning how each of the many deciduous trees were all bare with no life noticed from them at all. And then Spring came and suddenly out of nowhere came all of these wonderful green leaves! And the ground so barren and brown suddenly had life in abundance springing forth. Oh how we take for granted the wonders and mysteries of our Loving Heavenly Father Who is beyond description and understanding in all His speechless ways! Thanks for the video!

Thank you!

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