Hebrew Pentecost mid-June : Rapture at last 2016 Shavuot?

We have now passed the Christian Pentecost month of  May for the rapture; so, perhaps the Hebrew Pentecost this June 12-19th is the last predictable date for the rapture this 2016.

Perhaps, if the Lord feels his Bride is not ready, this could be offset until Pentecost 2017. Counting days of feasts, types and shadows, in Hebrew years may be beyond our abilities; but, to assuage us God gave us the season. The fig has turned already ! We can wait. This is what the Lord calls, “the patience of the Saints.”

Don’t be put off Saints. Rapture is coming and keep watch. Use this time to turn the many talents the Lord has given you and multiply them ten-fold! You have received eternal life; so, seed that gift that the harvest may be larger. Do not just watch. Watch and sow!

When you are taken up and transformed in mid-air you will be elated. Your flight is soon. Keep your feet washed!

Precious Sister Renee reveals additional dates which are also plausible.


One comment on “Hebrew Pentecost mid-June : Rapture at last 2016 Shavuot?

  1. rubornagain2 says:

    Amen, I just had posted the following thought; Also, it just makes sense since the Holy Spirit ‘came’ at the FIRST Pentecost, He who restrains will do so until He is removed and that removal would ALSO be at the last Pentecost. Just a thought.

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