The Rapture discovered in Old Testament

Precious Dr. Chuck Missler is recovering well and I am so glad. His voice was greatly valued by me and thousands. He has been and continues to be a great teacher.

In this segment of Q & A, Koinonia House, in classic form, Missler opens up the word, offering more evidence related to the rapture.

Be comforted brothers and sisters. The rapture is real and soon!


One comment on “The Rapture discovered in Old Testament

  1. John Roberts says:

    I think most Christians believe in the Rapture. It’s “when” that we disagree on. I think the Lord expects us to be prepared for the days of tribulation. It’s what the parable of the ten virgins is all about. Trust in the Lord, but get your supply of food, water and a means of defense.

Thank you!

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