April 20th : Largest Earthquake predicted this year

A large CME left the sun on the 18th (not an X-class); but, serious enough to perhaps exceed the Ecuador 7.8 magnitude, tomorrow. The sun is not quiet as we’ve been told. We can rely on this Christian Brother’s knowledge. Do you not think the Lord is calling us to action?


Can we stop a major Earthquake from occurring tomorrow? YES! The Lord hears our prayers. He has a plan; but, if we ask for the right things, He will give it to us.

Please let’s intercede for the Japanese, Ecuadorians and those yet to be afflicted. I am directing my prayers for a revival and divine protection in all areas hit.

There’s nothing like a shaking to surrender your will to a loving God and remove the grip of Satan on Father’s souls. ALL SOULS ARE MINE! Eze. 18:4 My surrender came with much less shaking; I could see the devil’s dominion for what it was. I only occupy, pro-actively, until Father takes me home.

As the fig tree turns we must pray often. The prayers of the Saints are powerful unto the Lord.

One comment on “April 20th : Largest Earthquake predicted this year

  1. Lana says:

    I truly believe what you said, “if you pray for the right thing he will give it to us.” In order to pray for the right thing we must pray in spirit and truth. Sometimes praying in spirit and truth, does not equate to what our flesh desires. Long, long ago, Jesus said that these things must happen in order for Gods will to be done. Do you think perhaps, that much of what is occurring around the world is just as Jesus told us?
    I believe now is the time to pray for the unbelievers, for those who are balancing on the fence, and for those who are corrupt from giving into the desires of their flesh. It is time for Christians to step up and out and proclaim the gospel is truth and love. It is time to intercede for all the lost.

Thank you!

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