Why did NASA lie about going to the moon?

I no longer believe we ever went to the moon. I have been contemplating this for awhile. It is one of the great lies of modern history. As all of us learn of the many lies, great lies, knitted by people in power, we are inclined to question all. This is the new norm. The public is now questioning everything, keenly aware of their manipulation.

The public is ostensibly awake.

What does this have to do with God?

Everything. I am working on this answer to post later today. Why would the devil and his minions pretend that we mingle with space? Why would they deny that we have an impenetrable, protective layer around the planet? At the very least the answer would be to deny God’s perfect design; but, there’s more. A lot more. It is prophetic. The implications are frankly destabilizing. For grounded, mature Christians, it comes as no surprise. We remain sober.

Who filmed it?

Stanley Kubrick claims to have filmed the hoax in a final confession which seems to preface his death by three days. His video testimony is aggressively attacked with vitriol by hoards of nameless characters–a hallmark of a cover-up on the internet. Regardless of who filmed the fake moon landing, the methods employed were sloppy. Just as the murder of JFK was exceedingly sloppy.

Screen shot 2016-04-16 at 12.19.24 PMWhat is interesting is that Wernher Von Braun is purported to have had engraved on his tombstone Psalm 19:1. Von Braun is according to a NASA source, “without doubt, the greatest rocket scientist in history”, as well as the “Father of Rocket science.”

Psalm 19:1 (KJV)
19 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Video evidence and testimonies from NASA

In the meantime here is indisputable evidence. (There is so much more.)

Here are two very revealing videos, narrated with sober, scientific evidence:

Here is a video from a NASA Engineer admitting we have never crossed the Van Allen belt with humans and I suspect with any vessel.

And here are additional NASA astronauts admitting we cannot go beyond the Van Allen belt. Please forgive the awful, angry captions of the producer. This may be the only video of this ISS testimony.


Thank you!

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