The Mystery : Has the Key to the Rapture been found?

The Mystery : The Key to the Rapture Revealed, is now available in its final, edited form. Authored by Stephen and John Steinman, edited by Karen Tokarse, the book is hereby launched worldwide exclusively until it goes live at Amazon (already in process.)

The content of this book is so exceptional and controversial it will cause eyes to open and teeth to grind. Among many signs, it dates the Rapture of the Saints, a topic where few dare to tread.

The Steinmans’ knowledge of the scriptures is exceptional. John’s theological degrees are numerous; but, Stephen’s contribution borders on the miraculous. He has suffered two heart attacks,  two strokes and was diagnosed with dementia; yet, to listen to him speak without pause from context to verses, unraveling types and shadows in the prophetic, leaves one speechless.


Few are comfortable with dating since so many secular and prophetic dates have passed without so much as a whimper; yet, there are dates the Lord hid and others he declared. Those who divide the word find them. Could the Lord have revealed these keys to prepare His bride? Stephen states he had an encounter with the Lord 5 years ago when he commanded him to, “DECLARE!” this information.

“All of God’s timelines can be unlocked using this Key,” states Stephen Steinman. “This is the reason the Father kept it top secret.” There are some key pieces Father kept secret such as the re-establishment of Israel in 1947. Find out why in the book and in our upcoming interview on All Souls Radio.

THE BOOK IS FREE – How to obtain

The full 135 pages of The Mystery in PDF format can be opened below these images–FREE. First you may wish to view the cover and an insert below.

The Mystery Cover

Back cover to the Mystery JPG

CLICK HERE to download Book The Mystery PDF – FREE

AS OF APRIL 15 the book is available at Amazon in paperback.


Thank you!

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