David Wilkerson breaks down in tears over corruption

Our beloved David Wilkerson, Pastor of Times Square Church in NYC, was captured in this sermon in excruciating sorrow over the false, corrupt teachings of many preachers. He describes the signs of corruption and false claims about the Holy Spirit. Wilkerson went home in 2011. He is now in the reception committee, waiting for the Bride with Jesus.

Brothers and Sisters, the Holy Spirit speaks to us what He hears from the Father and the Son. He does not roll on the floor, shake, rattle and roll. He does not fill our pockets with money. He gives us the Word we need for the time, the word of Truth. He guides, teaches and comforts us. Not uncontrollable and worldly manifestations.

Now, get to know the Holy Spirit in Wilkerson’s sermon. “He dwells with you…you know Him.” This preaching you can trust.

“What are the marks that you are hearing the comforter?”



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