Russia is reaching out to God. America has rejected Him.

Three minutes well spent watching this video. Rick Wiles, Guest on The Jim Bakker show, tells it like it is. Wait till you hear what YouTube banned. This is a real wake-up call.

If you want to know why judgment is at the door in America this is why. She has not only abandoned and mocked God but is now erecting a monumental archway, a replica of the temple of Baal, in New York City. Baal is a demon also identified as Nimrod, a Canaanite, the offspring of fallen angels. Why, pray tell?

America removes a monument of the Ten Commandments, prayer and the Bible in public places; but, she is erecting statues of Baphomet (Satan), holding Satanic ceremonies in public and now, building demonic portals.


Thank you!

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