Defending the faith with evolutionists

Pastor Billy Crone is guest on Prophecy in the News offering defenses to willfully ignorant evolutionists.  The irony is Crone was on the other side of the fight for years as a great skeptic; this inspired his work. In fact, he was in the occult which frightened him into self-deliverance and getting saved.

“This Book is living. This Book is supernatural,” host Dr. Kevin Clarkson says about the Bible.

This is a wonderful–MUST WATCH–interview giving you the basics. I can’t wait to get his DVD series, Defenders of the Faith.

We are all apologists called to minister to all–even those who sadly believe they are evolved from animals and a big bang of dirt. Richard Dawkins believes this; but, he cannot prove or argue these origins. I have watched his interviews and he is stumped on the beginning of life, offering guesses. There’s no science or fact in evolutionary theory; it evolved from itself.


Thank you!

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